Aksentijevic Forensics and Consulting, Ltd.

About us

The company is deeply involved in the following areas of forensic examinations, corporate governance and consulting service delivery:

  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate ICT governance
  • Integral security (CSO function)
  • Information security (CISO function)
  • ICT forensics (private persons, criminal and penalty law investigations, corporate customers)
  • ICT evaluations and appraisals
  • Feasibility studies of new technology projects and master plans
  • Training and education
  • Business process modeling
  • Development of ICT human resources

The company has experience working for the clients in the most complex and challenging environments and organizations. This involves:

  • Difficult geographical areas and diverse cultures
  • Interim management and recovery of failed projects
  • Work under tight financial, time and quality constraints
  • Decision-making under stressful and changing project environment conditions

We have been providing our consulting services in the following sectors:

  • Oil and gas -downstream (retail and refining)
  • Oil and gas-upstream (oil and gas services)
  • Public sector
  • Legal sector
  • Banking, insurance and financing
  • Retail
  • Logistics chain-transport
  • Seaport and river transport management
  • Health care
  • Business information system development companies
  • New technology companies and startups
  • Agriculture and food production
  • Services

We have provided our services to private persons and to corporations having revenue of up to 12 billion €, therefore we do not discriminate and we are not specialized in one kind of operation but able to accommodate requests of all our clients.

We especially take pride in usage of scientific methods, financial and process modeling and proven facts when answering your questions. You will not hear from us guessing and qualitative statements. We do not trust too much in slogans. However, we assure you that we will hear your problems, we will understand them, we will agree on terms, conditions, available time-frame and deliverables and we will help you resolve your problems and conduct your business in the most efficient manner.

Also, your secrets are our secrets.

Founder of the company is Sasa Aksentijevic, Associate Professor and senior scientific advisor (technical sciences), PhD (thesis in business information security and information capital), Master in ICT Management (thesis in integral security), B.Sc in Business ICT (thesis in business computer networks), and appointed forensic ICT court expert witness. He attended a number of management modules at the ENI University in Milan, Italy. Sasa lives and works in Croatia and has more than 20 years of experience working as ICT manager, Chief Security Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, close to 20 years in ICT consulting and more than 12 years working for the courts and district attorneys as ICT forensics court expert. Sasa is also technical evaluator of ICT projects for Croatian national innovations agency Bicro. He is associate professor at the University of maritime studies (Business process modeling, Basics of economy, Financial management), writes and publishes scientific articles, speaks at professional conferences and reviews scientific articles.

Aksentijevic forensics and consulting, Ltd. for forensics and consulting” is a private limited liability company registered at the Commercial court in Rijeka, Croatia, EU, MBS 040315967 (Tt-13/8401-4), MB 4130537, OiB (tax number) 25445496582. Capital 20,000 Kn paid up in full. Member of the Board: Sasa Aksentijevic, Assoc. Prof., PhD. Business transactions payable to Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d., Jadranski trg 3a, 51000 Rijeka, Republic of Croatia, EU, SWIFT/BIC: ESBCHR22 , account number IBAN HR0324020061100680120.