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Legal proceedings

Forensic ICT expert witnesses provide expert opinions on predetermined topics, examine evidence, evaluate facts from the past and present them in written reports or in spoken form. Work of the forensic expert is an important part of the legal proceedings and further development of the case and decison-making often depend on their findings. Judges and involved parties can require expert opinion or report on any topic except legal issues.

Expert witnesses in legal proceedings are usually hired by judges, district and state attorney and police, but they can also be a part of the defendant’s defense team. In private litigations and civil lawsuits, they can be hired by either of involved parties.

Technical context of ICT is quite complicated and sometimes difficult to explain to non-experts, so it is crucial that the ICT expert witness is able to bring the message across in a simple and sound manner. Forensic analysis of data and systems is usually long and exhausting, involves data isolation and acquisition and creation of long reports. Consequentially, expert witnesses are usually invited to courts to present their reports and provide answers to direct questions of all involved parties.

One of the most important parts of the forensic analysis process is definition of the forensic analysis task. Forensic experts are concentrated to work on the task, and they do not analyze broader, or narrower context than the set task itself.

Our expertise can help all our clients and their attorneys to assess their position in the process, facts, and even re-evaluate findings of other expert witnesses. We have wide experience of work in legal defense teams and we can deliver understandable results even related to the most complicated cases that involve ICT technologies.

Our experience is proven in provisioning of expert opinions in all kinds of cases: criminal procedures, private and corporate law proceedings.