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Integral security (CSO)

Integral (corporate) security is a relatively new concept in the corporate governance. Rising number of threats that might have a negative impact on the business has resulted in creation of a new CxO function – CSO (Chief Security Officer). Integral security is dealing with those undesirable outcomes that might endanger resilience and survival of the organization.

Main goal of integral security is to identify and manage such situations using preventive measures, or in their early stages of development.

Integral security is supervising, managing and coordinating those corporate functions that are in charge of safety, business continuity and security. Management of the integral security is in fact management of the risk portfolio. It is not static, but dynamic activity, whose importance, role and position within organizations changes with time.

Risks managed by integral security are risks imposed on human resources and intellectual capital, ethics and reputation, financial assets, ICT systems, transport, distribution and procurement chain, physical and premises security, safety at work and occupational health and safety.

Expected processes and services provided by integral security are global corporate security policy, protection of technology and infrastructure, risk management, business continuity management, disaster recovery and crisis management, awareness training, forensics and investigations, risk transfers and insurance, risk assessments and testing, management security, background information checks, public and state relations, industrial counter-espionage.

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