Aksentijevic Forensics and Consulting, Ltd.

Public sector

Our services are well suited for the public sector, so it is no surprise that some of our most praised clients come from there. For example, public and transparent public procurement of ICT goods and services is often very difficult because of complex context and ever changing technologies, terms, conditions and regulations, so we have many times helped our clients reach their financial and quality goals in the public procurement process. Also, we are often involved in legal processes and if a dispute occurs, we are called to provide expert reports on the subject matter.

Among projects we have successfully completed for the public sector, we can emphasize the following:

  1. Involvement in development of ICT infrastructure in public sector
  2. Public procurement
  3. Consulting on introduction of structured frameworks like ITIL, COBIT or ISO in public sector
  4. Strengthening of the information security
  5. Forensic ICT analysis and counseling as a part of legal consulting process
  6. Optimization of investments and operative cost in ICT
  7. Evaluation of subsidies and tax exemptions for development of the new technologies
  8. Feasibility studies, master plans, evaluations and appraisals
  9. ICT project management
  10. Management and stakeholder training in ICT governance

We have a proven record of cooperation with the public sector, so if you think our services could be of use to you, please contact us.