Aksentijevic Forensics and Consulting, Ltd.

Sasa Aksentijevic has earned PhD in Business/Managerial Economics with doctoral thesis in Information security economics

Owner of Aksentijevic Forensics and Consulting Ltd., Sasa Aksentijevic, has earned his PhD degree in Business/Managerial Economics.

Sasa Aksentijevic has started his PhD studies in March 2010. During the first two years, he has passed all required exams, wrote a number of scientific papers submitted to scientific journals, participated to seven conferences with published papers and taught as a teaching assistant at the University. Hypotheses and research were presented and accepted by the Thesis Board in November 2012. Research was performed in Q1/2013 and research results were presented to the Thesis Board in September 2013.

Thesis titled “Sustainable economic model of information security management in small and medium enterprises” has been defended in front of the Thesis Board at the University of Rijeka, Croatia, Faculty of Economy, at 7th March 2014 and Sasa Aksentijevic was awarded a title of doctor of philosophy (PhD).